Romillopens® | Celluloid Collection #7

Celluloid Collection #7


2014 Launching the First Celluloid Fountain Pen of the Romillopens Collection

The introduction of celluloid as material for the manufacturing of pens, almost a century ago, triggered the so-called Golden Age of Fountain Pens. The endless colors and patterns options provided by the adoption of celluloid transformed totally the classic style of the early fountain pens.

While the original attractiveness of providing  a new full range of colors in the fountain pen arena, soon technical problems, such as the stability of the material, were limiting the future of celluloid pens in the history of fountain pens.

…. but, all of this is history.

Romillopens is proud to present an entire hand-made fountain pen (including the nib production) made out of celluloid. Red#7 is the first model of an eye-catching collection of celluloid fountain pens, yet technical improved to perfection, and exclusiveness by the in-house production of the celluloid material

Fountain Pen handmade. Barrel, cap and section made of celluoid. Internal mechanism made of bronze finished with gold. Nib #7 is made by Romillopens®, melted and forged, engraved by hand in 18 kt gold. Available nibs : EF / F / MF / M / OMi / OMd / B / OBi / OBd / BB / BBB/ Italic and Stub. Can be manufactured rigid or semi-flexible. Normal or generous flow can be chosen. For nibs M and B, writing angle can be chosen between 30º, 45º or 60º, to fit your writing preferences. Filling system can be Eyedropper. Celluloid Collection #7 model is available Red celluloid.


Length (capped) 138 mm*.

Maximum barrel diameter without cap: 12,40 mm*

Maximum barrel diameter with cap: 13,70 mm

Weight 32 g*.

Nib #7 18 kt solid gold made.

Filling system: Eyedropper.

* Weight and measures are approximate, since there are slight differences between any specific piece. ** Since they are made one by one, there are not two equal nibs.