Romillopens® | Essential #9

Essential #9


Fountain Pen handmade. Barrel, cap and section made of ebonite. Internal mechanism made of bronze finished with gold. Nib #9 is made by Romillopens®, melted and forged, engraved by hand in 18 kt gold. Available nibs : EF / F / MF / M / OMi / OMd / B / OBi / OBd / BB / BBB/ Italic and Stub. Can be manufactured rigid or semi-flexible. Normal or generous flow can be chosen. For nibs M and B, writing angle can be chosen between 30º, 45º or 60º, to fit your writing preferences. Filling system Eyedropper. Essential #9 model is available in four colours: Black, Terracotta, Red with black veins, Blue with black veins and solid Blue.


Length (capped) 153 mm*.

Maximum barrel diameter without cap: 13,40 mm*

Maximum barrel diameter with cap: 14,60 mm

Weight 25 g*.

Filling system: Eyedropper

* Weight and measures are approximate, since there are slight differences between any specific piece. ** Since they are made one by one, there are not two equal nibs.