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Our nibs


The most important thing we expect from a fountain pen is the writing. Many issues are important in the writing, but at the end, it is all about the nib. Manufacturing a nib requires time and a very precise work, so that the final result meets our expectations.

After three years of hard work, we were able to create the “K” nib, a flexible one made entirely by Romillopens in 2011. We have continued working and today, after 2 years of tests, we are very proud to introduce our own Romillopens nibs for all our fountain pens.

Manufacturing a nib requires 27 different processes, needed to create a rigid or semi-flexible, depending of the customer requirements, with two different sizes #7 or #9

Our nibs will meet customer requirements and all types will be available, for this is the way we care for customers: EF / F / MF / M / OM / B / OB / BB / BBB/ Italic and Stub.

Flow is another key issue on what respect to a fountain pen. The same flow will not work perfectly in a board BB nib and in an extra fine EF nib. Our feeders are adjusted one by one so that both flow and nib match the perfect fountain pen. Naturally, our customized way of working will allow that customer request may be followed for any special request in this matter.